Why Uber has such a bad reputation

The private transport company has chained the setbacks in recent months, including a giant hacking. Back on the (long) list of misadventures that have seriously damaged his image.

It’s not good to be CEO of Uber. Dara Khosrowashahi, in office for just three months, is learning it. His company admitted yesterday to have suffered widespread computer hacking. The facts, which date from 2016, had been hidden so far. This is the last misadventure of a long list. This year, Uber’s reputation has taken many hits, despite the popularity of its service that still attracts tens of millions of customers each month. Why so much hate?

Because Uber was hacked (and hid it)
Dara Khosrowashahi admits it himself: “You probably wonder why we are talking about [our piracy] only now. I asked myself the same question. “In California, the law requires companies to inform their customers and authorities in the event of theft of personal data. It is still unclear why Uber evaded this obligation. According to the US media, the company paid a ransom of $ 100,000 to the pirates, asking them to delete the stolen data and to remain silent on this case. This transaction was disguised as a “bug bounty” reward, a practice prevalent in Silicon Valley that theoretically pays people for finding bugs or security holes in mobile sites or apps. . Two people, including Uber’s security director Joe Sullivan, were fired following the scandal. “None of this should have happened, and I’m not going to apologize,” Khosrowashahi wrote.

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Because its founder and former CEO has a bad reputation
Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, is known for his bad character. “I make every year a bad year. If it’s easy, it’s because I’m not doing enough, “he said in a video filmed secretly in early February. It shows Travis Kalanick lecturing a driver Uber, driving him, because he complains of the decline in his remuneration. The document went around the Web and fed the bad reputation of the CEO. The latter was finally forced to leave his post this summer, under pressure from investors. This includes, among other things, hundreds of employee complaints of sexual harassment, intimidation or discrimination. Travis Kalanick has become the symbol of this brutal corporate culture. To enhance the image of Uber, the board of directors preferred to dismiss it from the direction of its own company.

Because many countries are resistant to Uber
The Californian company has experienced many failures internationally. In London, Uber is now threatened with losing its license: local authorities blame him for not paying enough attention to the safety of his clients. Application services have been banned or partially suspended in many countries. In France, for example, UberPop, which offered unlicensed driver services, was banned. Uber is accused by its opponents of breaking the taxi market, and not offering a satisfactory legal status to its drivers. The latter are self-employed, paid for the race.

Because Uber’s practices are worrying
Uber has been involved in many scandals around the surveillance of its customers. Its employees have long been able to freely access the location of users. In this way, the company was able to monitor the movements of a journalist from the American media BuzzFeed. She also tried to escape the authorities in some cities where the service was monitored. Thanks to software called “Greyball”, she could identify police officers and direct them to a false service, preventing them from making a reservation. Finally, the company tracked iPhone users who deleted their app for several months. This process led to the convocation of Travis Kalanick by Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO has threatened to remove Uber from its app store. In a desire to appease, the company

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