Want a House in Bekasi? Nonton Rp28 Thousand Per Day

Want a House in Bekasi? Nonton Rp28 Thousand Per Day

Home is an urgent need that should not be compromised again. Therefore, if you currently have enough funds to pay the down payment, immediately dare to apply for a mortgage to the bank.

Because the price of homes every year even every four months increased significantly. If you do not act quickly, the plan to buy a house will continue to be a mere wishful thinking.

About the down payment, funds Rp20 Million was apparently fit to pay off the DP and pay the cost of the letters. Do not believe?

In Bekasi, West Java, there are three subsidized housing that can be owned only by paying that much money. Moreover, because the selling price is affordable, then the monthly installment is relatively low even can be collected by saving less than Rp30 thousand per day.

Here references Rumah.com for three housing.

Grand Tamansari Residence

Housing that carries the concept of minimalism in all types of units is to market residential with affordable price range. There are non-subsidized homes that are marketed Rp248 Million – Rp557 Million, there is also a subsidized house priced Rp133, 5 Million.

For example, if you take a house type of subsidy, then the rough calculation of mortgage installments per month is around Rp836,989 with a term of 20 years and a fixed rate of 5%. When divided 30 days in a month, it means you have to set aside Rp28 thousand to pay the installments.


Villa Kencana Cikarang

The subsidized housing developer located in Ki Hajardewantara number admits, Villa Kencana Cikarang is already inhabited by more than 2,500 family heads. So, the environment is crowded and certainly more organized.

House of the subsidy that is presented has a building area of ​​25m2 with a land area of ​​60m2. The price is set at Rp133.500.000. The calculation of installments was exactly the same as buying a unit at Grand Tamansari Residence.

The difference, the developers lighten low-income people with DP Rp3 million and booking fee Rp1 million.

Green Sentosa Asri Cikarang

Still in the Cikarang area, you will find other subsidized housing that is Green Sentosa Asri Cikarang. For the type of house subsidinya dubbed type Mas (land area 60m2 & building area 32m2) which sold for Rp135 Million.

Inside the housing there are artificial gardens and rivers, which also serves as a jogging track with river view feel. This facility is rarely presented by the housing in its class.


Terms of Owning a Subsidy House

House subsidies can not be owned by anyone, but who meet the following requirements:

Have a maximum income of Rp 4 million per month for home tapak or Rp7 million per month for flats.
Have never received a home and have never received a government home ownership subsidy.
Have worked in formal company for at least one year.
Having NPWP, SPT, and PPh.
Do not switch the house over in five years

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