Tips Mandatory Know Before Buying a Camera Lens Filter

Before buying a camera lens filters, let’s read 6 Tips obliged to know before buying a camera lens filter. Do friends – friends have a list or record of what her next step should be purchased for creativity add a photo? Try entering to register to buy a camera filter. Best digital camera 2017

Yes, the camera filter is an additional tool that can be used to take photographs of landscape, portrait, and so forth. Back again to the lens filter function each – each, every filter does not always support the shooting needs.

For example, a photographer who focus only pictures Landscape only, then can buy lens filters such as ND Filter, ND Graduated Filters and filter CPL ( Circular Polarizer ).

What the hell kind of – kind of lens filters that? Friends – friends can read my previous dipostingan that addresses the kind of – kind of lens filters.


Filter lenses are not cheap, cheap lens filters based on the diameter and material. Known brands such as B + W, Cokin and Singray famous for the quality of the filter and the price is expensive. For second grade filter kok, brand Hoya. So, just adjust the appropriate interest in photography in focus.


In order not to waste, can purchase customized lens filter with the lens dipunya. What if got many lenses? The answer is to buy a lens filter with the largest diameter. For example, a friend – a friend wanted to buy ND filter, lens dipunya now there are 5 lenses, with different diameters – different, largest diameter is 72 mm. Well, the biggest buy lens filters, namely 72mm, then buy each – each additional tool called Step Up Ring , which can be used in other lenses.


I have experience buying ND filter, I know a good ND filter is very expensive, to a diameter of only 58mm, the price is USD 600,000. I try to buy the cheap with the same diameter, cost about USD 300,000, the result? Very far from satisfactory, I love rating 1 .

The picture changes color to brown, much of the original color. To avoid #salahbeli, friends – friends can see the review – the review on YouTube to see the results. But I’ve got tips to tetep use the ND filter, because the original colors changed, I just edit the black into white.


If the filter lens to be a friend – a friend buy too expensive, try searching for a used lens filter. The price could be half the new price or cheaper. Despite the former, friend – friends should carefully look at the quality of the glass, if a little or a lot “beret” or scratches, price negotiable.

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