Tips for Choosing the Monitor

You will probably spend the whole time in front of the screen when using a PC, so when you want to select a new monitor, you would want complete information on the type of monitor that is right for you. Free pick this monitor will help you choose a monitor that suits your needs. We will explain everything from the types of monitor display, the main feature of up to to choosing tv

To buy and choose a new monitor that is suitable for your purposes, might be one of the challenges, because today many types, brands , technologies, features and prices vary. We can dissect them one by one to determine which one is enough monitors to suit our needs. here they are , tips on choosing a monitor for your needs. Best ultrawide monitor

Determining the purpose of use

How will you use the monitor? You must answer the question. If you are able to explain in detail about the future use of the monitor, you are on the right to find a monitor that fits your needs. There are several options for where the use of a monitor in our opinion, what are they? Let’s check this out

Use of basic computing

For jobs such as sending e-mail, use them for social media, exploring the website and typing, you may not need a monitor that has a high-performance capabilities with features that are quite complex. You can choose and buy a monitor that has a relatively cheap price, but the size is not too small. With sizes ranging from 23-24 inches with Full HD feature may be an attractive choice for your monitor.

The use for various purposes

Monitors that have a variety of objectives should have a quality appearance and performance are able to accommodate daily necessities, such as streaming music or movies, sharing photos and slideshows , video talk and make ordinary documents. You can consider to buy and choose a monitor that has an LED or IPS technology with features Full HD resolution, which is able to work well for a variety of uses. If you choose a monitor with a large screen size (27 inches and above) features a touchscreen , this monitor can also as your family entertainment center.

Uses for Multimedia / professional

For those of you who work as photographers, designers, video production or various professionals who are involved in multimedia, you can choose a monitor that is designed for content creation. This means, you have to buy a monitor that has a wide screen with at least minimal use features Full HD resolution, or you can choose a monitor that has a Quad HD resolution for a sharper appearance and detail. You can not underestimate the IPS panel technology with considerable depth of black color, precise color accuracy and capable of displaying a wide angle can be one of your considerations in determining the monitor.

If you use it for video editing or movie, look for a monitor with a response time (response time) of about 5ms or less, it aims to reduce motion blur and ghosting. You could also consider the use of dual-display for ease of use you, and certainly more ergonomic.

Use for Gaming

A gamers need a monitor that can keep the intensity and the high speed and accurate. We recommend at least a monitor that features Full HD resolution, a response time of 5 ms or faster refresh rate of about 60Hz or more and the ability to look at the angle of 178 degrees or more. If you frequently play a boxing game with a couple of your friends, you can add one more monitors to get a view which is great for any character that is displayed on the screen at once.

Types of screen display technology


IPS (in-plane switching) monitor, a monitor with this technology is able to provide black color deep enough and accurate color than most LED or LCD monitor. Choosing a monitor with this feature, create quality photo editing, graphics work and play games become great. This monitor also offers a wide angle, so the resulting display is pretty good even if you do not see it from the front directly.


LED (light-emitting diode) monitor, the monitor with LED technology can produce images of sufficient quality. LED technology is able to produce brighter pictures and consume less power when compared to the LCS monitors, as well as LED technology usually have a thinner design. Monitor in this category is still classed LCD category, only those using LED technology as the lighting.



LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitors, LCD monitors are able to produce the quality of performance was passable, the price is quite cheap. This technology uses liquid crystals are placed behind the screen, and they are illuminated by a technology called CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps).


Monitor with this technology is very popular for use in home entertainment and a variety of uses. You can switch images the way rub your hand, play a game that has the technology touchscreen and pressing a tab to be able to start the application. If you want a monitor that has the technology touchscreen, choose a monitor that has a wide screen and tend frameless (frame bit), but it also consider the technology provided by the manufacturer.

screen size

As well as TV, monitor screen size is also calculated from the existing diagonal. The larger the screen size, the more expensive price, so it is better if you consider the extent of your room, before you buy the monitor later. There are several commercially available screen size. As

The screen size of 20 inches or less

The monitor screen under 20 inches is generally have an affordable price. Enough for you who use it only as a basic computing. Monitor in this category generally have a pretty good quality performance when compared with the price offered.

The screen size of 21-26 inches

The screen size in this category are generally very good for a variety of uses either the home or office. Viewing movies and TV, play games or may display multiple pages simultaneously, can be accommodated well by a monitor of this size.

The screen size of 27 inches – or more

Monitors with a screen size that is capable of displaying cuku area wide and pleasant to watch. Choosing a monitor this size, for you are a gamer and a professional is a good thing.

Widescreen size and ultrawide

Today almost all of the monitor is a monitor with the type widescreen, which is where it is good enough to display the documents are quite wide, needs to display multiple applications at the same time and keep the sidebar of your desktop visible while you surf the web. The screen size of this type it is appropriate to be used for watching movies or playing games. This widescreen monitor has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 16:10 aspect ratio is obtained by comparing the calculation of the screen width to height.

Ultrawide monitor was first introduced in 2013, has a fairly high aspect ratio ranging between 21: 9. Sized screen is able to display multiple documents at once at the same time easy or possible to put multiple applications on one screen. Some models have a monitor ultrawide split-screen technology software that is able to automatically adjust the content of the screen in different ways. Ultrawide technology also offers outstanding performance for a variety of purposes.


Resolution is one of the reasons that can be considered in selecting a monitor. With great resolution, the sharpness of the image is also greater. Here are the resolutions that are on the market.

HD (1366 x 768) and HD + (1600 x 900)

HD and HD + resolution, available on the monitor which has a width of 15-20 inch screen, with a screen size that is relatively under 20 inches, this technology can be fairly cheap and adequate.

Full HD (1920 x 1080)

The monitor has a resolution of Full High Definition (Full HD) is equivalent to a television that has a resolution of 1080p. The resulting display on the monitor screen with Full HD features are very sharp and clear, is great for everyday use for you who prioritize entertainment.

Quad HD (2560 x 1440)

Technology Quad HD or better known as QHD, Wide Quad HD or WQHD, is a technology that provides performance 4 times greater than a 720p HD technology. The screen on this category are capable of displaying an image that is very great, quite ideal for graphical applications like CAD, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Premier.

4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Ultra HD 4K technology commonly referred to as 4K or UHD, Ultra HD 4K technology is the best resolution currently available in the market. This technology can produce sharper images 4 times compared with a screen that has a Full HD technology. This technology is able to generate impressive images for a variety of activities. Screen with this technology is also quite good for all kinds of events.

Connections what is best for my monitor?

You can be sure of the connection port and the monitor before making sure to select the monitor. Indeed, currently the only connection to connect to the PC is a standard connection of a monitor, you can consider in order to connect it to a smartphone, camera, DVD player, camcorder, or a variety of other equipment. For those of you who do not understand the connection that is available to monitor, you might consider some of the connections below.


Most computer monitors have the HDMI technology, of which this technology is inherited from video or audio signal. It’s nice enough to display HD contents from a computer, game console, Blu-ray player or a variety of other equipment.


DisplayPort is a connector that is capable of carrying video and audio signals such as HDMI, DisplayPort better yet to display any resolution and a high frame rate. If a connected HDMI connector on the monitor 4K Ultra HD can play video with a frame rate of 30 fps, DisplayPort is capable of handling the same monitor with the same resolution, but with a higher frame rate, which is about 60 fps. This of course is able to make the display smoother, sharper and faster.


DVI connection is capable of producing the same video signal to HDMI, but most DVU connection does not include the audio signal. The resolution offered was different. Some types of DVI connections are able to be at a resolution of 1920 x 1200, for some other type able to be in a higher resolution.


HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort is a digital connection, and VGA is an analogue connection. However, should not be underestimated, because VGA is able to bring the display resolution and frame rate high enough anyway.


With an additional USB port connection as your monitor, you can connect the smartphone, digital camera, camcorder or any other equipment to display your content without having to turn off the computer.

Consider additional features

Some additional features of being able to make your monitor more delicious to enjoy, and we recommend a monitor which has additional features such as:

Vesa Mounts

If you plan to install the monitor on the wall of your house than by placing it on the table, then you should look for a monitor that features a VESA. This means, on any monitor you buy there is a hole that is patterned to be plugged into the wall.

Various other features:

Webcam – it works if you often do videchat with family, friends or a girlfriend. Or you can also select if the course you use the way video conferences.

Speakers – not all monitors have a built-in speaker, so the additional features available with this you can into a check list maskan you if you plan to use the monitor for video chat, view videos, listen to music and some audio activity.

Ergonomic features – for a monitor that has a variety of features and functionality, has a variety of ergonomic features could be one consideration choose a monitor.

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