The recipe is easy to make pizza at home

The recipe is easy to make pizza at home

No need to be all the way to the restaurant when you want to eat pizza because you can make yourself as long as there’s an oven in the House. Chef of Pizza restaurant Bi Astono é Birra Jakarta share recipes easy to make food typical of Italy that.


Ingredients dough:


Flour 1 kg
10 gr salt
5 gr of yeast
Olive oil 30 ml
500-600 ml water


Chef Dwi suggest to wear ice water so the batter doesn’t quickly expands. When there is no ice water, water with a normal temperature can beis okay. But he does not recommend wearing warm let alone hot water for making dough in quick time.


Ingredients: tomato sauce


2 kg tomatoes, cut small to crumble then boil to Cook
100 gr tomato paste (optional)
20 Gr. salt
Parmesan cheese 50 gr
Olive oil 20-30 ml
Oregano 30 gr
If they do not like the taste of the tomato is too tart, add sugar to taste


Chef Bi says tomato sauce that is so important to the essence of the flavor of the pizza can be replaced with anything according to taste and creativity. For example, make a sauce with seasoning ingredients rendang pizza to make sense of the field. Likewise with the toppings, you can choose any ingredients to make authentic pizza.


How to make dough:


1. Mix all the dough
2. Let stand the container in the dough covered with a damp cloth for 10 minutes.
3. cut the dough to fit the large expected. For small portions that can be cooked ina home oven, you can divide it into a dough weighing 100-200 grams.
4. Shape dough into a round (molding)
5. Let stand at room temperature about 2530 degrees Celcius for an hour
6. Put chiller at least one hour before shaping it so flat as a pizza. Chef Dwi usually soothe a batter for one day before him because the more elastic.


How to shape the dough:


1. Pipihkan dough round with both hands until slightly dilated.
2. make the dough so the thinner by using two fingers.
3. Tidy up the suburbs of dough shaped round by hand.
4. put in a baking dish
5. Apply the tomato sauce evenly, sprinkle with toppings to taste
6. Bake in 250 degree Celsius temperature for approximately 7 minutes. Periodicallyopen the oven to turn the dough so that the heat is evenly distributed and the pizzais cooked
7. pour a little olive oil over the surface of the new pizza is cooked to strengthen aromas

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