Simple Tips To Curing Of Acne Quickly With Betel Leaf

Curing Of Acne Quickly

Cure acne with natural ingredients certainly more advantages. Besides alias-safe with no side effects, utilizing natural materials to be used as an acne medicine proved to be easy, fast, and certainly cheap. Well, this time the natural materials that will be used to quickly heal acne instead of lemon, tomato, or a natural material that is commonly used as a natural acne cure, but a betel leaf. Betel leaf is easily found everywhere.

Curing Of Acne Quickly
Curing Of Acne Quickly

Not a few people planted betel plants in the garden or yard of his house. Betel leaf is very popular with a lot of benefits. Efficacy of betel leaf is most popular as a natural ingredient cleaners Miss.V in women. But the times that will be the topic of discussion is the effectiveness of betel leaf in addressing the problem of acne on the face.

How does the processing betel leaf for acne? And what I should be prepared?

Quick cure acne with the content of betel leaf

Betel leaf also has properties to cure acne and blackheads on the skin due to the content of substances capable opponent bacteria and germs that cause acne.
Quick Heal Acne

Betel leaves that grow on the home page

betel leaves for acne
betel leaves for acne

Substances eugenol, for example, act as antifungal or anti-fungal so the fungus causes of acne can be eliminated. There is also a pure substance. This pure substance capable of killing bacteria that cause acne on the skin.

Did you know that the pure substances on betel leaf five times greater and effective when compared with ordinary phenol? Other substances are potent overcome acne is an anti-bacterial that also can prevent the growth of acne by inhibiting the metabolic processes of bacteria that cause acne.

How to cite this Betel Leaf Processing Natural Acne Medication

Utilization of betel leaf as powerful natural ingredients to cure acne turns long been practiced by our ancestors of old. If you are interested in trying it, you just prepare some materials, such as several pieces of betel leaf, warm water, and refined salt. Curious how to process? The following information.

  • Mash until smooth betel leaf and then give one glass of warm water.
  • After water mixture into a distinctive green and scented betel leaf, then please strain
  • Filtered water and then mixed with fine salt and stir until blended
  • Use filtered water that has been uneven with fine salt as a traditional herb to wash his face.
  • Let stand face for 1 to 2 hours and then wash your face with clean running water.

You should do these simple treatments on a regular basis until the acne on your face completely lost. If you are willing, to do these treatments every day as a defensive effort reappearance of acne. You can get a betel leaf in the garden or buy them on the market. With just issued a very low cost, you can mix a natural acne remedy with your hands.

Betel leaves are used as a natural remedy for overcoming acne is one of the best alternatives if you are already bored with products acne drug that is not borne fruit.

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