Proper Tips Clean Kitchen Kitchen

Proper Tips Clean Kitchen Kitchen

Compared to an ordinary kitchen-which you sometimes only use as a display because the majority of you buy is not cooking-kitchen business is much more full of stuff and prone to falling apart.

The kitchen used for catering business, food stalls, or restaurant is obviously more busy and full of goods.

In addition to preparing goods and cooking utensils, you should also take the time to clean the kitchen regularly.

Ministry of Health make hygiene and health of kitchen as the main requirement in giving permission MOH. If at any time the kitchen is found in dirty conditions during a sudden inspection, MOH will not gambar rumah minimalis think twice to revoke your business license.

Here are tips if you want to clean your kitchen culinary business.

Clean daily

Given the large portion of food you should serve every day, your kitchen must be clean every day.

This is to prevent you from using ingredients that are no longer fresh into the food. Every day, after you finish preparing the food, immediately sort out your kitchen and remove the remaining food that is no longer used.

Immediately wash the cookware

Immediately wash the cookware after you finish wearing it. The buildup of dirt found in cooking equipment will cause you more trouble, because food tends to stick and stick to the surface of the tool.

In fact, this tool will you use to cook the next day. Do not want, right, the taste of food to be messy due to dirty cutlery?

Clean the furniture

Cabinets, dish racks, kitchen cabinets should be cleaned every week. Although you feel the kitchen is clean, but you may not realize if there is food sauce that may be exposed to the area of ​​furniture.

Then, it could be the rest of the flour, as well as spices sticking in your kitchen furniture.

Mop the floor

There are times when foodstuffs fall or even scattered on the floor. So to prevent stickiness and the appearance of bacteria on the floor, mop the floor twice a day, ie before you start cooking, and after the cooking activity is over. Mopping the floor also prevents the floor from sticking and causing mold in the corners of the room.

Prepare a towel or a dry cloth

The kitchen should always be available dry towels, wipes, and a clean dry cloth. Distinguish between the fabric to wipe the table with a cloth used to wipe the plate. Every day wash cloth that has been used to clean the kitchen.

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