Much Of The House Was Cool!

Much Of The House Was Cool!

To success has many properties do have to have a way of looking out of the box. Mental mindset and not be like most people that most feel has one house alone is more than enough.

In fact, had more than one home not only can be used as a Heartland jual rumah solo  of its own, but also future investment event. Surely it could be handed down to posterity, so that later became their current provision preclude.

The price of land and buildings (houses) each year often increase significantly. Real evidence, from analysis of existing prices review properties, home prices especially in Jakarta at least up 10%-15% per year.

Imagine, if the price of his house this year still Rp1 dibandrol Billion, then in the next five years House prices likely already corrected into Rp1,5 Billion to Rp2 Billion figure is almost touching.

Have quoted from the book “do not Wrong Choosing MORTGAGE” creation Ristanto, it turns out, had a lot of new homes also have a handful of advantages, including:

1. Easily share them

The Division of assets/estate form home often give rise to polemics in the case of House relics of old people there is only one. The other is the case if you have a number of home (or at least ground) corresponding to the amount of your child.

2. Avoid jealousy

The second point is still associated with the first point. Because each child has got his share, then following the jealousy of polemic can certainly be removed.

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The Division of her thin difference in price because of the location factor is certainly not a big deal. Even sometimes the son gets ‘ bigger ‘ rations, for he is the backbone of the family with greater responsibility.

3. Do not take

Since married, occupying own house separate from the parents is a good step because the child needs to be a process of self-improvement.

What’s with the occupying the House itself, the real stigma ‘ ride in the beautiful mother-in-law cottage ‘. Therefore, it is better to separate houses so that the relationship could be more harmonious.

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Then, how do I get more home?

It all depends on the intention and determination of round everyone to make it happen. Same thing as when you want to build a House, then painstakingly thought and action will be focused on “how to buy cement, sand, brick, iron, wood, and other building materials”.

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According to the experience of successful investors, apparently has a lot of key home located on exploit youth used to actively invest money.

So, when there is cash and happen to be people who want to sell their land in quick time, they wasted a golden opportunity it is. Consequently, at a price lower than the market, they have a chance to be a great investor.

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