Milestone 33 Years Magazine Griya Asri

Besides the photo exhibition and event architecture, talkshow, workshops, film screenings, and the design corner at the Living World Beautiful Home Festival, which lasted from 18 February – 6 March 2016 in the Living World, natural Silk is also there stand Milestone Asri from 1983 – 2016 indicating travel magazine for 33 years Griya Asri.

Griya Asri magazine that sticks with the fields of architecture, interior, garden jasa pembuatan taman rumah and the environment there is also a section of art and culture and tourism. 33 years is nota short time for a company mainly media. In the past, the Beautiful has to travel and conquer the challenges of time. On the way there is a lot of things happen during the trip.

In the “Cross Bridge” that there are three “Dramatic Arch” which denotes a particular years as Gates era or phase of determining for the beautiful. The first gate in 1998, signaling difficult times when that time happens the monetary crisis, in 2000, became the formal legality get phase as a form of perusahaa and in 2004, the Beautiful changing the look of the logo became more modern.

Near the first rung in 1983, there is a traditional Javanese House saung ornamental door jamb, it became a symbol when when it is started the first time in a Beautiful and limited circumstances. When undergoing lap time, bridge in 2016 will meet more modern nuances, which depicts the atmosphere of the present.

“If man birthday, his life in the age of world rations reduced, but if it is a birthday, it means a moment born again.” said Heru Wicaksono, visionary concept Milestone Asri.

Heru which also Principle of PT Line Chess Prime (Riscadana), Interior and Architectural Consultants made an initial trip and milestone milestone Milestone today in Asri, who became a reflection of not just the self evaluation and first settled, but also prepare for tougher could again face the years that are before. He also made a “bridgeTraffic”, from the beginning of the founding of Asri.

In addition to the “bridge Traffic” time magazine cover there is a picture of beautifulearly Edition up and photos of Beautiful work of photographers and editors. There are also areas of the figure and Beautiful personal area. “Asri is a magazine that had the power in her pictures, and pictures to tell a story more than writing, figure-figurebehind the image, photographer, need to be shown, as well as any part that is on the internal. Travel time reflect the fighting power of the people involved in it. “continued Heru.

Heru any expectation on conveying, that should dare to change and is not afraid of the updates, and don’t fall asleep with the convenience zone. “Not just a question of appearance, language, media images, photographic equipment, but also a matter of management thought, openness and bond between human beings who are involved in it.” obviously the Heru.

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