Make More In Different Tools Edit Photos Of Apps In iOS iPhone

Guys who wear the iPhone just for the style would not know and have never tried to photo editing features of the app photos in iOS iPhone. Its features do not lose koq sma other photo editing application, let’s see more curious in this beriku review.

Photos or photos if you use the Indonesian iPhone, application photos on iPhone functions to process the image, from the start displays, edit and delete. In the application of these photos will display photos, videos successfully you recorded using the camera, and also displays the photos that you have downloaded and saved on the iPhone.

But not only that turns your iPhone photos app also keeps a variety of editing features ranging from simple photo editing like cropping up with filters and effects. Curious? Yuk further reading.

Features Available On iOS Photos app

#1. Tool Cropping

As the name suggests cropping, this tool serves to malakukan cropping or crop the image, and not just that the tool cropping on the application photos iPhone can also be a line balancing objects on a photograph edited HLO, if your pictures are not perpendicular to the feature will be automatically searches can align the object so that you be precise.

How to do it press the edit button on the photo you want in the crop and then select the icon cropping, it will automatically menyembangkan line drawing object in the photo, if you want to set it manually, you can move the icons small arrows under the direction of right or left.

# 2. Various options Filters

Not only tool cropping course, on application photos iPhone is also a wide range of filter images that are also no less interesting with filters image editor application to another photo, filters are among mono , tonal , noir, fade, chrome, process, transfer and instant. You can be picky own liking.

# 3. manual Exchange

The most interesting is the effect manually, with this tool you can explore with creative ideas for your edits will, there is a wide variety of effects ranging from matters of lighting, color and B & W. Leaving you to try yourself yes, definitely going to understand later.

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