Kanye West show berhijab models in New York Fashion Week

Kanye West show berhijab models in New York Fashion Week

Ranging from fashion to political statements until the fashion for those who are overweight, the New York Fashion Week this season continued to push restrictions on the runway.


Designers who recently made a splashy is Kanye West. He’s showing the model berhijab Halima Aden as an option the model to display the Yeezy Season Five.


Aden (19) doing her modeling debut in the presence of Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour of Vogue at the forefront, although Kanye West does not appear to greet the audience after her appearance.


Born in refugee camps in Kenya, Aden was the first generation of Somali-Americans and currently sits at the beginning of semester at the University of Saint Cloud in Minnesota.


He signed a contract with IMG Models after become headlines when competed in the Miss USA pageant wear hijab last year.


Performances of his Yeezy Kanye West has become a subscription into the appearance of the most diverse in New York Fashion Week.


Last season’s Fourth Season Yeezy showing models of color more than the other designers.


Beyond the impressive difference issues are always raised West, fourth gig called full disaster because there was a model who passed out and his shoes melted, USA Today.
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