Jengkol For Health Benefits

Bigfoot or in scientific language Archidendron pauciflorum , or Pithecellobium jiringa a typical crop in parts of Southeast Asia. Fruit that has a very pungent aroma that many once found in the Indonesian state as one of Indonesian food menu. Bigfoot can be served with a variety of menus of which are presented in the form of vegetables or in the form of vegetables. Of the many people who like the processed food from basic ingredients jengkol, also there who do not like because it smells very sharp. But you know behind the pungent aroma of the jengkol turned out to save a million health benefits

Jengkol For Health Benefits

Relating to the benefits contained in jengkol, there are a few things to watch out for when taking jengkol especially for patients with renal impairment should disease to avoid eating jengkol because it will further exacerbate health conditions. Additionally, when taking jengkol also needed boundaries to benefit maximally jengkol avoid Jengkolat acid. As a good amount to consume enough jengkol is 3 to 10 grams jengkol every day.

Here Jengkol For Health Benefits

Healthful Heart Colonel

Jengkol has a lot of content in it, namely vitamins, Jengkolat acids, minerals and contains lots of fiber is very beneficial for the health of one of them can be healthy for patients with coronary heart disease.

prevent Anemia

For patients with anemia, jengkol has many benefits to overcome the disease. This is because the iron content is very high has a role to prevent and overcome the lack of production of red blood cells in the body. So with that problem will be resolved anemia disease simply by eating jengkol least 3 to 5 grams per day.

Eradicate Free Radicals

Another benefit of jengkol is that it can serve to eradicate free radicals in the body. This is because the content such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C are very act as antioxidants to counteract free radicals substances in the body.

preventing Diabetes

Regarding jengkol benefits for the health of the most terrible is that it can serve to prevent the onset of diabetes. Jengkol benefits for diabetes is due in jengkol bsa there are substances that are not found in material or other kind of food, and the substance is acidic Jengkolat. This Jengkolat acids are substances that form crystals that are not soluble in water, and therefore that’s why kidney patients is not recommended to consume jengkol.

Formation of Body Network

Efficacy jengkol next is for the formation of body tissues. In addition to meat, jengkol rich menjgaga of protein that are good for health. When compared with the green beans and soybeans, the protein content in jengkol more, so it can be helpful to the formation of body tissues.

Stomach overcome Buncit

Jengkol for health benefits next is to overcome a distended abdomen. This is because jengkol rich in fiber which can help you to aid digestion. As you know one of the causes distended abdomen in a person is due to the non-current BAB. Therefore, in addition to eating fruits and vegetables, it could not hurt to take advantage jengkol for digestion.

Preventing Fetal Birth Defects

Every parent surely wants to have the child born healthy and normal. In addition to exercise, for pregnant mothers should also eat foods rich in folic acid. Because folic acid has benefits for maintaining the health of the fetus and to prevent birth defects of the fetus. One of the best sources of folic acid that you can take is jengkol.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

In addition it can be used to prevent diabetes, jengkol also very useful for controlling blood sugar. Glucose contained in a glucose jengkol most easily parsed, so it is very safe if consumed by diabetics.

Blood vessel narrowing Troubleshooting

Someone who is experiencing heart problems surely he will experience a narrowing of blood vessels. This is because the blood to the heart becomes smooth. But do not worry, the mineral content in jengkol can help the body to dilate narrowed blood vessels. So that blood can flow more smoothly.

Stabilize Vital Organs

Bigfoot also rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid. If the body met the intake of vitamins and nutrients vital organs can work and function properly. Even so, do not be too excessive in jengkol consuming, because it would be bad for the health of the kidneys.

Now that’s an explanation of the benefits for health jengkol. If you want to eat jengkol but fear the sharp aroma now you need not worry because the pungent aroma can be solved by drinking coffee after eating jengkol and certainly this is an effective way to eliminate the sharp scent.

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