Home loan Tips For Newlyweds

Home loan Tips For Newlyweds

Every new partner make a wedding will certainly be devised various strategies of the future together. The House is often the main points that enter into the discussion, because being an essential element for the creation of a family.

However the limited income cause most newlyweds rumah murah di solo  decided to settle temporarily at home in-laws then finally contracted home. However, the purpose of having your own home stay was made a priority.

Lucky, young couples nowadays can utilize facilities Mortgages (MORTGAGES) as a way out. In addition to facilitating, KPR indirectly also teach them to be good at arranging finance.

(The Couple Married Without A Fancy Reception In Order Have A House)

“The young age is a great time to buy a home because not a lot of need and family dependents. For that savings from early on is compulsory is planned, “said Mike Rini Sutikno, a financial planner from the financial plans of the Partners.

Well, for a young couple who had dreamed of House results both exertion, immediately make the asa becomes reality. However, before planning mencicil home, consider some finance tips below.

Check debts

Check, whether you and your spouse still involved debt that is running. If it has been paid off, make sure the debt-related affairs have been completed as evidenced by the letter of proof of payment.

It’s good you are freed from the Affairs of the debt at least six months before filing a MORTGAGE. Do not add new debts!

Make sure you do not enter the blacklist (black list) of Bank Indonesia. If you have credit in the bank and a debt of more than two months in a row, You automatically blacklisted BI.

Saving up

Start saving in bank (recommended in the bank that you seek to procure credit) by entering your monthly fixed income.

In addition to will keep you motivated to frugality, saving will also make it easier to analyze Your financial bank.

“The easiest way is to put aside half of the money saved to pay a salary advance. Its shortcomings can be get from money THR (Alimony the feasts) and an additional bonus. “said Mike.

(This is her list of cheap homes for the newlyweds)

He also reminded that when the home buying process, there will be tax and other costs. So, any savings program must be adjusted to it.

“For example, house prices at Rp500 Million, there is a binding fee of 10%. So, you have to prepare your savings in the next two years is 20% off at Rp500 Million (DP) plus 10 percent, “he explains.

Specify the instalment

Carefully calculate how much income was earned (husband and wife) in a month, then reduced by the amount of routine expenses each month.

The difference of the income and the expenses can be made mencicil stay home. On the other hand, the bank calculates the ability mencicil 30% of monthly earnings.

The figure (the difference in expenditure-income or 30% of income) can be used as a rule of thumb the ability You mencicil MORTGAGE each month. Don’t try to magnify the value of repayments, in order not to engage bad credit.

Personal data

Do not forget to prepare your personal data, such as the e-ID CARD (husband and wife), marriage licenses, family card, salary slips, TAX ID, and other support requirements.

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