Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Carpet cleaning is the most essential part if you are having carpets spread all over your house. As the carpets are the home to several insects, beetles and allergens they may also be the risk factors for you and for your family. Carpet cleaning is an important routine work that should never be missed. The dirt and the micro-organisms remain trapped in the fibers of the carpet that is the main contributor to the shelf life of your investment. So carpet cleaning is whether you get the performance from the professionals or you do it by yourself, is a must doing thing to have the health of your family and yours intact.

But the process of carpet cleaning is a bit expensive that everyone can afford. But it is a must do thing so you have to get your carpet cleaned no matter what. So there is always another way to have your thing done and that is do it by yourself. Many carpet manufacturers discourage do it yourself (DIY) carpet cleaning because of the inappropriate cleaning procedures. So if you are considering to get your carpet cleaned by yourself then use the following DIY carpet cleaning tips and techniques so that you would be able to clean your carpet without damaging it.DIY Tips and Techniques
Here some DIY tips and techniques that will allow you to save your money without interfering with the health of your beloved ones. Following tips must be considered by you while giving it a try:Use the formula of the carpet cleaning shampoo that does not damage the fibers and materials of your carpet.After washing, your carpet must get dry with in six hours. Use the fans of dryer to dry your carpet otherwise the growth of bacteria and mold would start penetrating inside the fibers.Don’t use the detergents more than the recommended quantity as it will damage the quality of your carpets.Don’t use the cleaners that contain the bleaching agents as the bleaching agents may cause the discoloration of the carpet.Laundry detergents should never be used as they contain optical brighteners that will also distort the fibers of the carpet.

Following are the techniques that you must follow to DIY Carpet Cleaning:Hot Water Extraction:the most popular method that is used for cleaning the carpets by oneself is the hot water extraction. There are many steam cleaners or hot water extractors available in the market for the purpose of carpet cleaning. You only need to add the detergent and the unit will agitate the detergent on the carpet while leaving the carpet clean.Dry Powder Cleaning: this method is quite convenient for the DIY carpet cleaning as this method requires only the dry organic material with the agitation of the pile lifter and as a result you will find the brand new carpet.Dry Foam: this is another popular method for carpet cleaning but it provides limited results. The shaving cream like foam is applied on the carpet and then vacuum cleaned. So clean carpet would be left for you.
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