Cheap shopping tour in Bangkok

Cheap shopping tour in Bangkok

In addition to the renowned cultural tours, a variety of spectacular temples such as Wat Arun and Wat Pho, Bangkok has also become a haven for those who love to shop.

Attractions for shopping you can visit starting from the market to a huge mall. These reviews place shopping tour of the team Afp while visiting Bangkok early April 2017.

1. Chatuchak Park
One of the shopping tour in Bangkok market Chatuchak is. The market is located behind Chatuchak Park. Mode of transportation are offered for these places can reach very diverse. Starting from the bus, MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) to the BTS (Bangkok Sky Train).

For those of you who use the nearest MRT station is right in front of the Chatuchak Park station is Chatuchak Park. While for those of you who choose to divide the city of Bangkok from the top You can get off at the Mo Chit BTS station is also located right in front of Chatuchak Park.

Chatuchak Park offers a variety of goods, ranging from groceries to clothing display. You can buy fruit hand to take home like glue small wallet, refrigerator, wall hangings, accessories, bags and t-shirts typical Thailand.

The price offered was vary depending on material and material from each item. For example, glue magnets fridge offered a price of 100 baht for four (around Rp40 thousand, @ USD 10,000). There are also 100 baht for the six plugin refrigerators, though indeed their material and different sizes.

Small size wallet made from knit dibandrol 100 baht for five, while a small cloth purse offered 100 baht to 11. Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings are offered starting 50 baht, while the wall hangings, bags and t-shirts are offered each ranging from 180 baht, 250 baht and 200 baht depending on size and material.

One thing you have to do in this market is Chatuchak don’t hesitate to bargain for the price. Marketplaces, you must dare to bargain for the price offered sellers. Nothing to fear with language barriers, as every seller is usually ready with a calculator in hand.

You can communicate with the seller through the calculator to get the best price. If you do not dare to bid, do not regret if other places in Bangkok is offering a lower price for the same item.

2. Pantip Plaza Pratunam
Pratunam is arguably the fashion lovers paradise. Pratunam has two areas separated by a highway. Pratunam Market is located opposite the Pantip Plaza more modern Pratunam (such as Mangga Dua and ITC).

Pantip Plaza Pratunam offers a range of clothing with the latest fashion model at a price that is super cheap. You will feel sensations such as walk around the online store brand but with a much lower price.

For example, blouses and pants each work offered at prices ranging from 150 baht (about Rp60 thousand) and 200 baht (Rp80 thousand). Although the price offered is much cheaper than the average price of a shirt is offered in the online shop, the quality of fabrics not less good.

You also will not get tired of traveling around to three floors because each seller presents the concept of different stores, there’s a retro, minimalist present there like in the great mall.

As a side note, you can no longer bid price set by the seller aka fixed price (price of the fitting). However, with models and fabrics, the price offered is already much cheaper than at home. If you intend to sell clothes, Pratunam could well be the place that fit to meet the stock items.

Pratunam area bypassed by bus and the BTS. You can alight at Chit Lom station and walk about 15 minutes.

3. Asiatique
Asiatique The Riverfront is an open-air mall on the banks of the Chao Praya River. In addition to serving a variety of food options for culinary tour complete with Mekhong largest Ferris wheel in Bangkok, the area also features shops that offer inexpensive local produce lively and tempting faith for shopping.

You don’t need to be afraid of shopping in this tourist area. Because, the goods on offer even much cheaper from Chatuchak Market. For example, you can get 12 small purses typical of Thailand at a price of 100 baht. At the same price in the Chatuchak Market You only got 11 small wallet.

Other goods, bags flowers typical of Thailand for example, are sold at a price of 200 baht in Chatuchak Market is offered at a price of 150 baht (Rp60 thousand) that can then be negotiable up to 100 baht (Rp40 thousand).

Asiatique is on Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok. There are various ways to get to Asiatique, could by bus route numbers with a variety of purpose or the nearest station BTS Saphan Taksin.

4. Central World and Siam
For you fans of luxury goods, Central World and Siam became the answer.

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