Basic Engineering Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Basic Engineering Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Basic techniques of playing acoustic guitar, before we learn about how to play the guitar or guitar elecktrik acustik then we must first know about guitars and parts of gitar akustik terbaik, the picture below shows the difference parts of an acoustic guitar and electric guitar/electric.

What Is The Guitar
The guitar is a musical instrument quotation which has 6 strings and how to play itwith in the quotation. The guitar is divided into 3 parts namely HEAD or NECK or head stang and BODY or tube guitar. guitar strings at umunya has 6 strings guitar strings called bottom to 1 and the top strings called strings to 6.
Strings 1 pitched E
The strings pitched 2 B
The strings pitched 3 G
The strings pitched 4 D
5 strings pitched A
6 strings pitched e
(the result of voice tones without pressing fert)

Column the column on guitar called fert. Fert to 1 in the countdown from the tip ofthe far left (for left handed from one end of the far right).

A, B, C, D, E, F, G = key/basic tone
# = up half tone (1 fert) from the basic tone, read is (A # = Ais, C # = Cis)
b = down half tone from the basic tone in read ice (U.s., Ab = Bb = Bes)
m = Minor (Am = Aminor)

Learn acoustic guitar can be done in two ways, among others:
A. self-taught learning
B. Learning to others who’ve been able to play the guitar.

A. learn guitar by the way Mum
The steps you should do in learning guitar are self-taught i.e. you must know and memorize the basic keys like A, Am, C, D, Dm and others. key to g. to know what sort of form of a lock on gita please here.

If you already know and memorized the base keys on the guitar you stay your hand fingers begins to train for example of key C to Am to Dm to G or a combination of the other and try to sing some songs that easily chordnya as his songs or band ST 12 NOAH to get used to the keys of it, because if not used finger manismu will feel pain and heat at the tip of a finger. But fear not, after the end of jarimu already hardened or calluses so you will never feel pain again when playing the guitar.

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